Natural & Organic Men’s Grooming Products

What we don’t realize is that although men’s grooming products may promise great results, what’s hiding behind these attractive claims is an unending list of harmful chemical ingredients that can cause great long term damages internally as well as externally. Hence we at Fashion Central bring to you a list of tried and tested Natural & Organic Men’s Grooming Products.

First let’s take a look at the problems that may be boggling down the average man.  It is common for men to spend an extended period of time under the sun and hence skin discoloration and sun damage are some of the most common ailments that men may suffer from.

Dark circles are another common nuisance that while some may inherit genetically, others become victims of it due to disturbed sleeping patterns and excess stress.

Acne is no less worse, both caused by excess of oil and sebum on the skin; it tends to have a very negative effect on one’s appearance and often gives the false indication about one’s personal Hygiene.

Following is a list of Natural & Organic Men’s Grooming Products and Home Remedies that we at Fashion Central recommend

Fairness :

Since the actual Ubtan may be too complicated and messy for the average male, Saeed Ghani’s Enriched Ubtan Cream is the perfect no-mess alternative .Made with extracts of pure Ubtan and Vitamin E the cream can be used easily as one would apply any commercial fairness cream available in the market.

Zoya’s Herbals Orange face wash and scrub are also tried and tested products that are a sure shot way to clearer and fairer skin without any harmful chemicals.

Sun Damage :

The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream is perfect for daily UVA/B protection. It Softens skin and helps prevent uneven skin pigmentation. This sunscreen lotion is a pick from the Moisture White Range of The Body Shop product range. TBS promises not only complete sun protection but the added natural whitening agents also give you skin that looks fairer in just four weeks

Dark Circles:

There is nothing as sure shot for decreasing the appearance of dark circles as the Potato .This gift of nature doesn’t just taste great, but has amazing cooling properties and natural bleaching agents which relieve stress and lighten discolored skin at the same time, just grate a bit of raw potato and apply it on your eyes while you lay back and relax, use regularly for guaranteed results.

For the guys looking for a less messier over the counter alternative

The Dark Circle creams at Body Shop and Saeed Ghani have received rave reviews from men we know personally


Mostly seen as a problem related to teenagers, what most people don’t realize that a lot of adult men too are under the constant torture of this unsightly skin condition?

We find the Acne cream by Zoya’s Herbal Workshop to work wonderfully, while The Neem Face wash is also a great help to fight this condition.

For body coverage, we recommend The Himalaya’s Herbals Neem Soap which aids greatly in helping clean off excess oil while acting as an antiseptic

These all natural products are perfect for some of us guys’ biggest skin related problems. So remember boys keep it natural!

The market has been flooded with skincare and grooming products targeted exclusively to the male demographic. The Natural Organic Men’s Grooming Products are in trend these days to give more benefits to men.

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