iKettle – Wifi Kettle Can Be Controlled Using Smartphone

Have you ever thought that you can brew up a cup with the comfort of your bed by just one click of your smartphone? Well, it is possible now with iKettle. It is first smart WiFi kettle of the world. It can be controlled with the help of iOS or Android app. In the past, when there was almost no technology and people used to make tea and coffee by using fire but then with technological advances, electric kettles were introduced and replaced earlier kettles.

Now it’s the time of ikettle. Isn’t it amazing? Make tea or green tea by just one click from any place in your home within range of WiFi network. It is the biggest inconvenience to wait for kettle to boil water or make tea each morning. With the assistance of iKettle and your smartphone you are no longer going stuck with this burden. The dream of lazy tea and coffee drinkers has come true now.

Now the question is how it works. The way it functions is ridiculously simple. iKettle is hooked with home WiFi connection and also paired with mobile app on your smartphone. Kettle’s operation can be controlled by smartphone app. At that moment, your smartphone is a remote control that you are using for making tea. You can set kettle to heat water to the temperature of your choice by using smartphone. Another benefit of this mart kettle is that it would not heat up when there is no water in it. Now you have satisfaction that you would not set your home at fire.

The most interesting feature of iKettle is that its wake up mode alarm lets you greet a very good morning with fresh tea. It comes with an app that functions as an alarm clock. The wakeup alarm mode automatically starts a prompt when you first time use your phone in the morning. It starts promptly like you want to fire it up. Along with this, the same thing is asked when you enter home and your smartphone joins your home’s WiFi connection which is named as welcome home mode.

It will also give you options to choose temperature of your choice. iKettle comes with four tailored temperature settings such as 65 °C, 80 °, 90 ° and 100 °. With the help of these four tailored temperature settings you can choose the level of heat you exactly want.

iKettle can hold up to 1.8 liters of water. With its number of novel functions, this kettle is designed beautifully. It is made of stainless steel and its handle is soft touch. You can easily clean its all Wi-Fi connections and accompanying electric connections are detachable. You can clean by removing all parts of kettle without causing any damage to sensitive components of the kettle.

Boil water for making tea or coffee from anywhere in your home by just one click of your smart phone. Here is a smart kettle for all lazy coffee and tea drinkers. Boiling water for morning tea from comfortable bed is not a joke anymore with the help of sm

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