How to be a Stylish Guy

For an upgraded men’s style, the first thing is to upgrade your wardrobe. We’ll begin with the basics, as to what a trendy style require in a man’s wardrobe. First, come the jeans. Jeans define the casual men’s style while pants look more formal and dressed up. Skinny jeans are still in fashion. But make sure you don’t end up wearing something that doesn’t go with your personality. Pick the jeans that looks graceful and ads to your and trendy style. Sneakers are an important feature of men’s style. And as check prints is all over fashionable accessories, so pick check print sneakers to have a modish, trendy style.

Black and white check sneakers will compliment most of your dark, warm wardrobe for winter. In winters, scarf is such an element of men’s style in that automatically ads a classiness to you. Once again, check rule! You must have a couple of scarves for an added trendy style. Colors like red, purple and blue look hot. Go for the checks and strips in prints, otherwise plain.

As for shirts, a few plain, decent dress shirts look great on men. Black always gives men a trendy style. But men should experiment with more colors. Crew necks and cardigan are most appropriate to pick this season for regular decent dressing and if you need to carry a trendy style, then get yourself a retro jacket.

Once you have upgraded your conventional wardrobe, its time play the trick. Men’s style is type casted to be simple and monotonous. But men can mix and match things just like women do. To dress up for a casual hangout, where you want to look stylish, pull on your skinny jeans and the sneakers, just following the trendy style rule book. Pick the right color dress shirt and compliment it with a nice, warm crew neck and cardigan. If it’s too boring for you, then pick the very hot retro jacket.

Tie a scarf neatly around the neck. Make sure it doesn’t look gaudy. You want to follow the trendy style yet don’t want to look like a wannabe. Tousle your hair, which is popular men’s style these days.  Make sure that you are comfortable and confident with the trendy style you carry. Men’s style is truncated without the right attitude.

Fashion has become unduly important in today's world. Men and women today are equally conscious of their clothes and fashion status and follow trendy styles. Men's styles show their personality. So it is important that they dress up thoughtfully and

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