Skipping Breakfast May Increase Heart Attack Risk

You have heard your elders saying never skip breakfast. Breakfast is most important meal after a long night. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal as it provides you energy to cope up with all day troubles.

Now research has revealed another reason to have breakfast which is skipping breakfast may increase the chances of heart attack risk. It can be life saving as well. Now question may be trigger in your mind that why would skipping breakfast be a heart attack risk. Experts are not certain but latest study has suggested some fears regarding skipping breakfast.

People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to be hungrier later and eat a lot later which can lead to obesity. There is a close relationship between breakfast and obesity. Skipping breakfast and later eat too much means that body must possess a larger amount of calories in a shorter amount of time.

The larger amount of calories can spike sugar levels in the blood and can clogged arteries. Eating too much at irregular intervals of time can result in obesity which further causes chances of high blood pressure, diabetes and many other health problems related to serious heart diseases.

The study was conducted on an older man who regularly skipped his breakfast. The study investigated that older man had 27% higher risk of a heart attack than those who ate morning meal regularly. According to Harvard researchers the study was conducted only on one person and they did not explain the reason that why results would not apply to other people also.

Most of the researchers are not sure of this study because study seems to be incomplete. According to Andrew Odegaard (researcher of university of Minnesota), this research does not show timing and content of breakfast which is important factor in this study.

Timing of meals really does seem to matter. He also added that people who eat breakfast regularly are the healthiest persons than those who don’t eat morning meal.

According to Leah Cahill, a researcher fellow at the Harvard school of public health whether it is skipping breakfast in the morning or eating very late at night, this pattern of eating may lead to adverse metabolic effects that set the stage for heart disease.

After accounting modest differences in physical activities, effects of smoking, skipping meals and many other lifestyle factors, the association between skipping breakfast and coronary heart disease persist.

Here is a simple message from this research that breakfast is an important meal. Never skip breakfast as it can lead to severe heart problems. Eating breakfast is associated in decline of risks of heart attack.

Incorporating any kind of meal in your breakfast is a way to ensure that you are getting energy by having breakfast. Add healthy and balanced diet full of vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates.  Eating healthy food items in breakfast is an ideal way to start the day.

To eliminate your this curiosity, read this article so that you can be safe from serious heart diseases. Find the answer how skipping breakfast can lead to heart problems. Simply, eat healthy breakfast and stay healthy.

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