Ready to be smart: Part 1

Well people, are you really interested to get a smart figure? If you are interested, than this is the time to show your will power. Healthy body with smart outlook is hard to attain but it’s not impossible at all.
    Whenever we decide to achieve some thing, the first step is to prove our will power that how much we can be strong. In the case of losing weight or to get a smart figure we have to bear the burden of sacrifices of not eating or doing what we want to. 

Losing weight is not a matter of few days; it may take months to gain a smart body. Depends on how much you want to reduce, experts suggest that you can reduce your weight up to 3-4 ponds in a month. And it’s enough I think in moving towards a smart way of living. But there are some rules in doing so.

 In order to lose weight, the very first step is doing exercise on daily basis or at least five days in a week.  Regular exercise makes you healthy and keeps you away from so many physical diseases as well as mental stress. Do exercise at least 15 to 30 minutes. If you don’t have enough time to do a proper exercise then a least do stretching exercise. Another important thing is to develop a habit of long breathing, not only before and after exercise but it is for so many times in a day. Especially it will show its magic when you breath in front of some window, or in any open place which is free from dust and pollution. It really makes you feel light and fresh.

Other than exercise, avoid extra eating habits. As eating other than your proper meal, actually makes you fat. Also what and when to eat is another important question to answer. There are so many types of fats as well. One type is healthy fats, which includes dry fruits, vegetable oils etc. second type is in between healthy and unhealthy fats, which contain meat sorts of eatables. In this type of fats you may have chance to put on weight if you will eat in excess and it is good for your health as well. Third type of fats is unhealthy fats like bakery items and some sweet dishes etc.
             So it is up to you, to choose what to eat and what not?

Healthy body with smart outlook is hard to attain but it’s not impossible at all.

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