How To Go Vegan (Vagetarian) Without Making Yourself Miserable

Going vegan is the remedy and prevention of various diseases as fruits and vegetables are a biggest source of vitamins and fibers. Following article covers all the possible ways how one may go vegan without making its life miserable yet enjoying the experience and standing by its resolution till the end.

Fruits and vegetables are enriched with vitamins and fibers. There are many reasons why somebody might go vegan. It is the benefits of eating healthy diet full of vegetables or a purpose to avoid fat diet.

The study proved that a fairly good health is in being vegetarian to keep away illness and health problems. Another study also proves that vegetarians tend to live even longer and have minimal chances to catch heart disease and cancer.  And another very major reason which provokes someone to go vegan is the animal welfare, being compassionate and sensitive towards inhumane ways of animal slaughter.

Following are the ways to go vegan without making your life miserable:

  • Start slow:

It’s not like if you have decided to go vegan, you have to shun up all the meaty ingredients and make yourself suffer, particularly in case when you are such a meat lover. Go slow with swapping beef with chicken and eggs with milk and slowly change your eating habits.

  • Play with the Vegetables and Fruits:

Being vegetarian doesn’t really mean that your menu is going to be really boring and tasteless. You can make delicious fruit salad; it’s better to buy a cook book containing vegetarian dishes to make things even more easier and you’ll certainly have a know-how about the oh-so-tempting dishes like vegetable rolls with sweet and sour dip, spicy lentils with boiled rice, nutritious soups of tomatoes and other vegetables, spinach paneer curry (palak paneer) and much more.

  • Treat Yourself:

Spice up your life with various kinds of pickles and chutneys, instead of following the regular set of recipes and dishes. Lentils with boiled white rice taste delicious with pickle and chutneys. During summers there are variety of vegetables and fruits available. Plum and mango chutneys and mixed pickle is much loved by all and sundry.

  • Be Strong:

You have to make yourself strong enough to stand by your ‘no to meat and yes to go vegan’ resolution. No matter how much a meaty dish tempts you, think about the animal and how it was slaughtered and you’ll easily resist your craving. If you are at a party where they are making a barbeque, it’s advisable to distract yourself and think about the purpose of your virtuous act.

  • Don’t get Discouraged:

If you cheat don’t think you have committed a crime or it is the end of everything. Especially when you are at the beginning, at times the yearning of meat and non-veg food is uncontrollable and you end up breaking your resolution, you can start over again without losing your heart

  • Make Vegan Friends:

One very important way to motivate you is to join vegan group. Make vegan friends and you’ll feel encouraged. You all can hang out together and try new restaurants that have really scrumptious menu of vegetarian food. For example, in Lahore there is Lahore chatkhara at mini market which has various kinds of chaats and platters of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes which really tantalizes your taste buds. And we wish you all the best of luck and happy go vegan.

Going vegan is the remedy and prevention of various diseases as fruits and vegetables are a biggest source of vitamins and fibers.

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