How to Control Your Temper While Sleep Deprived

Famous businessman & pioneer of personal computer revolution Steve Jobs said, “For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the day”. Yes, deep and peaceful sleep is very important for the completion of our daily routine tasks successfully.

But sometimes, we experience such situation that we fail to get the sleep according to our body requirements, we face troubles to fall asleep and due to lack of nighttime naps we feel sleepy and fatigued during the work at the day time.

Sleep deprivation may have different causes including rotating shifts in our work may cause difficulty with our sleep time adjustments, traveling from one time zone to other, medical problems (i.e. cancer, kidneys problems, & respiratory problems etc.) and other biological sleeping disorders including Insomnia.

Sleep deprivation or Insomnia usually occurs because of the depression, anxiety or it may also be a post traumatic reaction. These sleeping disorders increase the susceptibilities towards the harmful consequences such as road accidents during drive, sudden temper loss, sudden mood changes, emotional problems, lack of concentration towards work, weak judgment skills and power, and can lead to other physical problems including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and ultimately death.

A minimal sleep loss can be a cause of our low efficiency, emotional collapse, can lower abilities to cope with challenges and can also affect our relationship. A healthy and happy life needs a fit physical and emotional health and a sound sleep is the key of that fitness and ultimately of that happiness of life and thus we can say that the sleep is the necessity not the luxury for the life.

To sort out or to get rid of this serious problem, patient must have a positive attitude towards this condition, and he must to accept that he is going through this problem of sleep deprivation which is the driving force of his temper; he must talk to peoples in his relation to sort out these problems and ask them to help out your condition, take breaks during work when is needed, avoid driving, control your nerves during responses and meetings, and let your sense of humor triumph over the harsh temper.

Patient should try himself for the good night sleep; some natural sleeping tips may be helpful for a sound sleep. i.e.

  • Avoid the things (such as cell must be switched off) during your sleep time which can be responsible for the distraction from slumber.
  • Same time of going to bed and waking up can be helpful for the schedule setting of sleep in our internal clocks.
  • Comfortable sleeping place having comfortable mattress, blanket and pillow is very important to go to sleep faster.
  • Aerobic exercise is important but not before sleeping time but it must be 3 to 4 hours before sleeping schedule.
  • Avoid daytime naps especially do not sleep after mid day.
  • Avoid heavy meal at dinner, much intake of water, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol and bright lights before going to bed.
  • Adopt healthy routine in life and if problem prolongs, then consult your doctor.

An organized, healthy and positive approach towards life can solve all such problems of our life easily.
As Leonardo Da Vinci (great artist and scientist of his age) truly said, “A well spent day brings happy sleep”.

Sleep deprivation causes various health problems. Try to overcome your sleep disturbances and have a happy and healthy life.

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