Good Sleep can fight with Cancer

A complete night sleep can help something to beat cancer. According to one research, Shift workers have higher rates of breast and colon cancer than women who sleep normal hours.

Some researchers are on the view that one reason to cause this cancer is the exposure of these people to light at nights. Long exposures of light reduce the level of melatonin, a hormone that both makes us sleepy and is thought to protect against cancer.

 Not only melatonin, but two possible culprits are the hormones melatonin and cortical. Melatonin is an antioxidant that mops up damaging free radicals, but the body produces less of it when sleep cycles are disrupted. Melatonin appears to suppress the growth of tumors.

Cortical helps to regulate the immune system, may also be compromised by troubled sleep.

In this regard, make sure before sleeping that your bedroom is dark, so that your body will produce enough melatonin to give you a good & healthy sleep and body.  


Almost all of us want to take proper and complete sleep, now we will tell you one of the biggest advantages of good sleep.

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