Karma’s collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010

“The Karma woman of today is multi faceted and acts in various roles. She is a powerhouse at work, a glamorous socialite, a Jane Austen fan, a provocative teenager, an elegant mother of three, a Chanel 5 addict…Though she channels numerous roles and responsibilities, the ultimate vision is always singular, the love of being a goddess, a siren, a diva, a woman, a success.”

The Karma design house presented catwalk named “One Thousand and One Arabian Nights” collection. Inspired by the folklore and fables of ancient Arabia, this collection finds its roots in the tales of Sheherezade and the history embodied by the drama and mysticism of that era. Expect the mood of this collection to be equally empowering, dramatic, opulent and strong. Indeed the colours, motifs and embellishment take life and form the ethnicity and age old refinement of mysterious lands along with the sweeping, dramatic and seductive silhouettes. The collection fabrics range from limited edition brocades, deluxe hand woven kamkhabs, beaten hand woven tissues and diaphanous silks covering the complete colour spectrum reminiscent of the sands of the desert to the intense color of the Arabian court. Embellishment motifs include jewel and nature based inspirations based on the treasures of Ali Baba as well as the travels of Sinbad and are set with different materials varying from crystals, semi precious stones, gold coins, glass beads, seed pearls and traditional ethnic materials. The look is expensive regality and the essence of the collection is classic seductive opulence.

The house of Karma was founded in year 2000 and is completing a definitive decade in fashion this year. The journey began with the aim of capturing its share in Pakistan’s growing couture industry. Driven by principles of originality, glamour and professionalism, the team at Karma embraced its mission giving first priority to satisfying its clientele. Today Karma is known to deliver style, taste and elegance and in doing so, it is revamping the image of the Eastern girl. With Maheen Kardar Ali as the fashion force behind the label and Saad Ali as CEO, Karma has not only won the Lux Style Award three times which includes the best Women’s Wear for Karma, Couture in Karachi and Dubai and the best Prêt wear for Karma Pink in Malaysia but as a company, revolutionized its sector as the market leader in providing a high fashion retail experience.

The Karma design house presented the catwalk named “One Thousand and One Arabian Nights” collection. Inspired by the folklore and fables of ancient Arabia.

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