Bisma Ahmed at Dubai Fashion Week

Collection name: The Hanging Garden 

Concept of the collection:

The collection aims to showcase a wide variety of traditional (Eastern) garments, fusing them with contemporary elements.  The name of the collection has been inspired by the famous “Hanging garden’’, taking the literal meaning of the phrase. ‘Hanging’ because each look of the collection is highlighted by an extra long (3.5 meters), shoulder hanging scarf (dupatta)-and ‘garden’ because fresh & vibrant colors are employed; taking stimulation from a colorful garden. The fresh garden’s look is obtained by utilizing bright colors like fuchsia, bright blue, metallic purple, yellow, green & orange.
The extra long dupatta is made in Silk Chunri, a traditional eastern fabric, which is pure silk, hand-dyed in various colors. The self design on the fabric is obtained by wrapping chick peas with thin thread all over the dupatta, pre-dying. Once dried, the chick peas are unwrapped, and the fabric gets a unique dots look.  This fabric is used keeping in mind its characteristic of furnishing great fall.
The dupatta is further accessorized with heavy silver or golden ‘Gotta’ work, which is a special traditional hand work done in different parts of India & Pakistan. Gotta work is done in different patterns and sizes, and enlivens the dupatta.  The collection will feature this dupatta in different color combinations with diverse supporting garment in each look. The supporting garments range from Eastern long and short Anarkalis with Churidar & Capri, Lehangas (long skirts) with short and long Cholis (tops), Long Kameez (shirts) with tight Capri, to the Middle-Eastern Abaya (dress) with Shiela (scarf).
Gotta wrapped bangles and head gear will further enhance the Hanging Garden collection.
An interesting fact about the eye catching dupatta is that each of it is approximately made in a period of 8 days, with 6 women from rural parts of Pakistan working on it at once, a small but significant way to empower rural women.
The Hanging Garden collection is truly what a Spring-Summer collection is meant to be- fresh, vibrant & dynamic, it captured hearts during Dubai Fashion Week and is sure to gather attention at the upcoming Seattle Fashion Week too.


The collection aims to showcase a wide variety of traditional (Eastern) garments, fusing them with contemporary elements.

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