Dr. Fazeela Abbasi breaks silence over Naimal Khawar’s ‘Plastic Surgery’

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, a dermatologist, and sister-in-law of Pakistani actor Naimal Khawar, has distanced herself from the controversy surrounding Naimal’s alleged plastic surgery. The internet has been abuzz with debates and speculation regarding whether Naimal, the wife of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, underwent cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty. Some social media users even speculated that Dr. Fazeela might have been involved due to her professional background in the beauty field.

However, Dr. Fazeela, in an Instagram post, clarified her stance and asserted that she had no part in the discussed cosmetology. She expressed her disappointment with the unwarranted and baseless criticism surrounding the matter. Dr. Fazeela emphasized that such speculation and criticism on social media are unfortunate and can harm the personal and professional lives of individuals.

The controversy began after several prominent clothing brands featured Naimal in their latest collection. Social media users started leaving critical comments on Naimal’s Instagram pictures, claiming that she looked noticeably different due to facial surgery, including rhinoplasty and lip fillers. Some even compared her appearance to that of model Sara Loren, suggesting that Naimal had “ruined her beauty” through plastic surgery.

Fiza Khawar, Naimal’s sister, responded to the online trolls by condemning the toxic and hateful comments made by other women. She urged people to practice kindness and reflect on the darkness in their hearts that leads them to bring down others. Naimal herself thanked a supportive user who complimented her and expressed a desire for more kindness on social media.

The situation highlights the prevalence of controversy and speculation surrounding public figures on social media platforms, often resulting in unfounded assumptions and negative comments.

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