Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistani Boys and Girls

Keeping your personal flair should always be your priority. However, you can always customize the latest fashion trends into your flavor of style.

Once careless, the Pakistani youth of today is keeping up with the worldwide wave of fashion. Incorporate these suggested HOTS into your wardrobe, and be a fashion inspiration for others!

The latest Pakistani fashion trends include a comeback of patched Denim. While double-denim may still be a question mark here, the torn and frayed look with your jeans is a definite YES-YES! While the mothers may be fussing about the deplorable condition of your jeans, it’s surely in for casual gathering.

CAUTION: Don’t over accessorize your jeans because it may easily cross the border from cool to tacky! Skinny-fitting jeans for girls got a hit in 2009, and its here to stay this year too. For boys, cargo shorts with a little extra length are catching fire.

Floral prints might have been a turn-off previously, but they’re gaining recognition in both genders. Season collections of designers like Khaadi, Cross Roads, Stoneage, Gul Ahmed, FNKAsia, Ammar Belal, etc. highlighted the use of flowery designs for both girls and guys. While the girls are opting for catchy assembled fabrics of different designs, boys are going crazy over dress shirts in floral patterns. The A-Line shirts are primary preference for girls with loose/skin-fit trousers (in varying lengths).

The handbags were previously women’s forte, but the gents are claiming their conquest in that section too. Emphasis on unisex or for-men bags has been a core trendsetter this season. From world-renowned designers to college boys, everyone is focusing on the uses/benefits of carrying a masculine handbag! Don’t fret ladies, these guys cannot surpass the epic clutches that are available for you in 2010! For formal occasions the stylish clutches with beads, embroidery or handcrafts are hot! However, you can still flash your metallic handbags, though "over" over-sized bags are not a style statement now.

Gladiator sandals for women caught attention last year, but they’re definitely in vogue for 2010. They have evolved into much intricate versions, but the strappy sandals are for casual use ONLY. Simple pumps have lost their luster, but the peep-toes are the goods to choose! Guys are actually opting for the comfy slippers or sandals, while the Spanish shoe-cut is raging for formal events.

Less is good this year! Minimalistic appearance is striking for both girls and boys. While delicate silver-ish jewelry is the preference of girls, the boys are getting rid of those chunky, leathery wrist-bands! Accessories are necessary – but not overrated in 2010.

So, boys, you don’t have to squeeze the life out of your styling gel, and girls don’t have to prepare a replica of foundation pancake on their faces. Embellish your plus points in an underrated way and receive an unexpected turn of heads!

Keeping your personal flair should always be your priority. However, you can always customize the latest fashion trends into your flavor of style.

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