Tips For Natural Pink Lips

Lips are one of prominent parts of face that define your face expressions. Irrespective of our skin color, we all want to have rosy pink lips. Lips give an ultimate appeal to your face and beautiful smile. Your smile and face expressions become charming when you have rosy lips.

Sadly though, most of people don’t pay attention to their lip care regimen because of which lips become dark and dull. Dark and dull lips can spoil your beautiful looks as they give distinctive appeal to overall features of your face. Do you want to enhance the beauty of your lips and looking for tips for natural pink lips? Keep reading. 

Before moving towards tips let us discuss some of the reasons for dark and dull lips. 
  • Your hectic life style

  • Change in weather conditions

  • Ignorance towards lips care regimen

  • Any illness or disease

  • Chewing tobacco

  • Excessive smoking

  • No removal of lipstick at night

  • Regular use of low quality lipsticks

  • Chemotherapy

  • Direct sun light effects

  • Humid temperature

  • Stress

  • Less blood circulation on lips and many other causes contribute in darkening your lips.

But you don’t have to worry about it. Despite of all these reasons, you can have natural pink lips by following just a few tips. 

  • Scrub your lips with tooth brush having soft bristles. Scrubbing will accelerate blood circulation in lips, remove dry chapped skin and make lips soft. This is the easiest way to get natural pink lips without using expensive cosmetics. Every night, softly scrub your lips with toothbrush before going to bed. It will surely make your lips soft, shiny and smooth.

  • Massaging is another way to lighten the dark lips. Make your own lip balm with almond oil and lemon and massage your lips every night before going to body. This will give you natural pink lips in short span of time and also keep your lips moisturized.

  • Make a mixture of sugar and lemon scrub to exfoliate your skin. It will make your lips pink by removing dead skin. 

  • Grind red rose petals finely and use them on your lips. Besides giving your lips a pinky shade it will keep your lips healthy. 

  • For getting pink lips it is necessary to keep your lips hydrated. Drink plenty of water to get pink lips. Increase your water intake and add lot of fresh juices in your diet. Apply chap it and petroleum jelly with sunscreen. Petroleum jelly is the essential element for keeping lips hydrated. 

  • Never lick your lips. Licking make lips dry and chapped which look shabby and unkempt. Avoid the temptation of licking because you are making your lips worse. 

  • Make a mixture of lime juice and glycerin and apply it daily on to your lips. This home remedy will help you lighten your darker lips. 

  • Add some lemon juice drops in cream and apply it on your lips. It will lighten your dark lips.

  • Make sure you are having healthy and balanced diet. Add fresh fruits, vegetables and juices in your diet. Avoid caffeine, coffee and smoking as they play vital role in increasing darkness of lips.

Dark and dull lips give not only a bad impression but also spoil your beautiful looks. Looking for tips to get natural pink lips, are you? You are in luck. Check out the handy tips.

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