Style of Taking Scarf In Ramadan

Fasting is the pillar of our faith but being a Muslim it is more than just fasting. Ramadan is not the name of starving but it is source to feed your soul and ground yourself back to the Islam. Being Muslims we are blessed to have this month which provides us opportunities to ground ourselves back to our religion, to repent and aspirations to be better Muslims. As human beings we are afflicted with so many challenges in our daily life especially in Ramadan.

Everyone has his own views and beliefs. Everyone is at different point in imaan actualization. Some individuals are strong and steadfast in their beliefs while many others are struggling to say their prayers and some are struggling with their hijabs. For some people Ramadan is a big challenge but sometimes we have to change our priorities. As Muslims we cannot denied the Day of Judgment and we have to go back to our religious obligations by internalizing the fundamentals of Islam.

One of the religious obligations of Islam is to cover hairs but due to some social issues it could not be possible. But in Ramadan most of the girls and women preferred to cover their heads. The ladies who want to wear scarf; take first step this Ramadan. If you are also considering Ramadan as a challenge in the perspective of wearing scarf, I would offer you some styles of wearing scarves that will not only cover you but also allow you to move your head confidentially in your social environment. A scarf can be worn in different styles.

You can select colors of scarves according to your dress shades. It is up to you whether you choose plain scarves or printed. If you are wearing simple dress then you must pair it with bold scarf. It is very simple to wear scarf. To keep your scarf in place you can use stylish pins which are easily available in markets. 

Camel hump style is very common. You can go with this style too. This style basically rose in profile to prevent the scarf in falling off from the head. But make sure that camel hump is at moderate level (not too high) because Islam traditions allow women to show modesty in all aspects of life.

For casual wear you would choose simple scarf but if you are going in iftaar party you can pair your dress with little fancy scarf. You can also adorn your scarf with artificial flowers or other pins. You can customize your clothes to fit your scarf requirements.

I must suggest you to choose light colors. Dark colors absorb more heat and Ramadan will start in the month of great heat. So try light shades of scarves to avoid maximum heat.

Don’t wear scarf in such a way that reveals your hair and don’t tie it too hard. Wear scarf lightly in which you feel comfortable. Under caps will also prevent your scarf from falling off your head. Simple drab your scarf and allow the front of the cap to be visible. You can choose colorful under caps.

You can also wear scarves with different layers of different colors. The most common factor in the headscarf fashion is the below cap that covers all head just like a scarf cover up a temple.

Do you want to know what style you should opt for taking scarf? You are lucky. We are here to help you. Check out these styles that will cover your head in a stylish way.

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