How to Make Barefoot Sandals

 With summer season at its peak, funky accessories are not just confined to your hands and face but your feet need some attention too. Barefoot sandals are the latest trend when it comes to summery accessories for this summer season. If you still do not know what barefoot sandals are then here is the answer. They are like a piece of embellished sandal like jewelry worn on the feet. They look extremely pretty with funky nail polishes on and are perfect for beach parties and summer lunches.

If you do not want to spend much on the barefoot sandals and buy them from some jewelry store then here are some of the things that you would need to make your stylish and pretty looking pair of barefoot sandals. You basically need a toe ring, some embellished lace and a stretchable string along with a bracelet which is worn around the ankles. You can even create all of these things on your own following some DIY tips regarding ankle bracelets, toe rings and funky laces.

Make sure you have all the embellishments and things needed to make your gorgeous pair barefoot sandals. You can use starry sequins which are a little big in size, colorful gems and stones along with white or colored pearls. There are millions of things with which you can experiment while getting your very own barefoot sandals done at home. For some extra fun girl time, call over your friends as in that way your time will be saved and you can have matching pairs of barefoot sandals if you like.


Moving on to the first step of making your barefoot sandals, wear your toe ring on the longest finger which is the finger right next to your toe. Secondly, wear you ankle bracelet if it is done and if it is not, make sure you complete all the steps of making the ankle bracelet first as the glue or any sticky thing will not adjust if you wear it immediately after making the ankle bracelet. If you plan to wear a ready-made ankle bracelet then that is the easiest. 

Now, get your lace or strappy elastic and run it around the toe ring and tie it there in a tiny knot. Make sure the knot is not too big and cannot be seen from above. Now take the strappy elastic or lace towards your ankle bracelet and do the same with it as you did with the toe ring, that is tie a nice and neat knot. The knot should be firm and tidy. Also, make sure that there is no bend in the strap portion of your barefoot sandals as that totally spoils the look and makes it hard to walk. You constantly start worrying about the loose strap of your barefoot sandals.

You can further decorate your strapped portion of the barefoot sandals whichever way you like but make sure you dry the glue with which you attach your gems and other embellishments. It is however, best if you sew the embellishments on the lacy part of the barefoot sandals. This way they will not fall of once you are walking at the beach or anywhere. Make sure you do not walk on hard surface as there is no sole of barefoot sandals (as the name suggest). Try making your own barefoot sandals and flaunt them this season.

Barefoot sandals are the hottest thing these days. If you still do not have yours and do not want to spend much on them, here is how you can make your very own pair of barefoot sandals and flaunt them this summer season.

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