How to Avoid Varicose Veins

For those of you readers who still do not know what varicose veins are or are not sure if they have the varicose veins then here is a little something for you. Varicose veins are the veins that become twisted as the vessels of such veins become weak.

There can be numerous cause of the weakening of the vessels of the veins but proper medication is still not available. World over, there is a huge population (adults) who suffer from this condition of having varicose veins. These veins usually appear on legs and are blue or grey in colors but can be seen on feet and other parts of the body such as hands.

As it is mentioned earlier in our article, there is no proper medication or pills for the removal of varicose veins, the persona having them cannot do much about them once he gets the varicose veins. There is no available ointment or lotion that can help in reducing the appearance of the bluish grey veins usually on legs and feet.

The medical institutes in America are working on this issue of varicose veins and soon enough we hope to get a solution. Till that time, we need to change our lifestyles a bit so that we can have varicose free legs, feet and hands. 


When it comes to prevention from varicose veins, there definitely has to be a lifestyle change. Stay as fit as possible. Make sure you go out for a walk on a regular basis and if you can, jog a bit too. Exercise and working out helps in staying fit too. Make working out in any form a regular part of your day. You can even do yoga so that the muscles in your body are relaxed and automatically you would feel stress free.  

Make your diet healthy by avoiding fried and junk food. Make greens and leafy vegetables a part of your meals and have fresh fruits on a regular basis. Avoid things that have unnatural fats and other ingredients.

Drink natural and fresh juices which do not contain any unnatural sugars. Drink milk on a regular basis and do take vitamins and calcium as prescribed by the doctor as that helps in making your body healthy. 


Clothing is also said to play a vital role when it comes to avoiding varicose veins in the future. Wear stocking or pants of pure material. Mae sure you let your feet breathe after a long day of work. Ideally, wear cotton socks and wash them on a regular basis. Do not wear worn out or old pants, stocking or socks. Same goes for gloves. 

Relaxation of the feet is very important when you are working on preventing yourself from varicose veins in the future.  Do not stand on your feet for a very long time and relax your feet by putting them somewhere elevated. Blood should circulate with ease throughout your body especially to your feet.

Do not stand on one foot for a long time as that can not only be dangerous for you in terms of varicose veins but can also be harmful for the health of your bones, especially your knee bones. Follow these tips and we hope you will not complain about varicose veins in the future.

Varicose veins have become one of the leading problems in adults in the world. Even though there is no proper medication once you get varicose veins, but prevention from having varicose veins is possible. Here is what you can do.

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