Fashion Focus: Best Summer Watches

A wrist watch basically represents a time device. However, it could have different meanings for different women. For some women, it is a simple functional instrument that tells us the current time, but for another group, it could be a piece of jewelry representing a woman’s status or class. With changing fashion, women choice of wearing a wrist watch also changes.

A wrist watch is a representation of an individual’s style. With changing occasion, our watch style also changes. A watch which you are wearing at work place might be different from the one you wear at home, or in a casual style. Similarly, a party or festivity requires a different style and class of watch. Let’s discuss the latest summer watches fashion, and upcoming summer watches trends, being followed frequently.

Summer Watches Latest Trends:

Although, it is your own choice to select a specific brand of watch for a specific occasion, but mainly, women like to follow contemporary approach. With bright sunny weather, summer watches are also more vibrant, classic and radiant. Some cool summer watches trend for most basic events are:

1. Workplaces:

Your workplace is a place where you maintain a high level of decorum and self-esteem. So it is important to wear a good branded watch, representing your good taste and complimenting your attire. Normally, summer watches for workplace are classic, metallic, and contemporary. Silver, brown, blue, copper, gold, beige, and black are the colors of the season and are gaining popularity as powerful colors of summer watches trend.

Display is usually analog, with rectangular and round dials. Straps are of stainless steel or leather. For more professional look, the outer frame of the summer watches dial is usually equipped with small crystal embellishments, which adds a touch of glamour and style, with an overall unique appeal.

2. Casual Occasions:

Casual summer watches fit in the everyday category. They are available in various sizes and often in bright colors. A casual watch may be oversized with a very large face, or it may contain a small, plain design. Popular summer watches choice is to have a variety of colored watches, such as bright pink, purple, or peach, to match various casual clothing.

Summer watches trend of casual wrist watch includes plastic watch hands or a digital readout. Bands for casual watches come in several different materials, such as hard, flexible plastic, silicone, ribbon-like fabric, imitation and real leather. Casual summer watches are relatively inexpensive, allowing multiple options for varied occasions.

3. Festivities or Ceremonies:

Summer watches trend for parties or ceremonies is usually considered as antique, jewelry or collectible works of art, rather than just as timepieces. It contains extremely expensive watches that serve mainly as personal adornment, featuring jewel bearings to hold gemstones. Women summer watches used for functions or ceremonies are usually made up of platinum or gold, having decorative diamonds or gemstones on the dial and bracelet. Some are made entirely of facetted sapphire with bolder designs.

4. Sporty:

Summer watches used for athletic purposes are usually waterproof, having multiple functions such as calendar, alarm, and pedometer heart rate / chronograph.  Straps and bands are made of plastic or silicone, with bright fluorescent colors. Women are passionately following these fashionable summer watches trend of athletic wear. These are watches for active people i.e. backpackers, climbers, swimmers, runners, mountain bikers, kayakers, skiers and snowboarders.

There are several top notch summer watches brands for women, being available in the market. Women simply love to follow these modern summer watches trends.

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