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Fashion is something which people all across the globe are seen blindly following. People believe that the more openly and strictly they will follow the latest trends the better it is for their social image and outlook. They fail to forget that at times it is the fashion which they think is solely a way of staying in trends and being a talk of the town it can actually become a menace for them and give them health issues to fight with for the rest of their lives. One of such fashions is the latest trend of eye tattoos.

What is an eye tattoo?

An eye tattoo is like a normal tattoo. This procedure involves using a syringe to carve the cornea which is the white part of the eye with any shape or motif using the eye tattoo ink, depending on the persons’ choice. This is a highly unhealthy practice. Eye tattoo also known as cornea tattoo and is usually done for being in fashion and at times it is also done for the purposes of sight improvement. In this procedure the ink is injected in the Sclera of the eye which covers the cornea and acts as the protective layer. It is seen that most procedures of an eye tattoos are done on people who want to get for cosmetic purposes and that percentage is about 70%. The first eye tattoo was made by a tattoo artist called Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos from Sau Paulo after filling more than 80% of his body with tattoos. This gross trend gained popularity after he appeared on the face of the world on a Brazilian television channel after getting his 80% body covered with tattoo along with an exclusive eye tattoo which nobody had thought of earlier. Although tattooing was a practice conducted for more than thousands of years the trend or practice of having an eye tattoo dates back to about 200 years when it was done for medical purposes in the Pacific regions.  Usually punks and tattoo freaks get it done since they are believed to be slightly on the left side of the curve. 

Physicians all across the globe have seriously condemned the act of getting an eye tattoo. This procedure is critiqued for various reasons which are to be taken seriously. Firstly since the ink same as that for body tattooing is used for giving you an eye tattoo too this makes it actually disastrous for your eye sight. Some people also argue that cloth dying agent is used in the ink for eye tattoos as well. That ink contains serious chemicals which are extremely harmful for your eyes and can cause severe damages. Secondly since this procedure is done on the sclerotic layer of the eye which is designated to protect your eyes hence by getting an eye tattoo you are become more and more vulnerable to externally damaging your eye since there is nothing to protect the most sensitive part of your body now. The absence of the sclera can easily cause blindness and blurring of vision which is an issue itself. Thirdly it is an irreversible procedure and cannot be undone. So if at any point in life you have to use eye ointments or have to get any eye treatment done you are in great trouble.  Furthermore one of the greatest disadvantages of getting an eye tattoo is the fact that the ink you have injected in your cornea might just spill away to other parts making you a permanent patient of Keratins which is a serious eye disease that can eventually lead to blindness.

There are numerous other reasons why physicians discourage this act however since the urban punk culture is seeping in people and especially youngsters are readily getting into the menace. However since the human health is more important than a temporary fashion you should think about it first before deciding for going for something as hazardous as an eye tattoo.

Eye tattoo also known as cornea tattoo and is usually done for being in fashion. Physicians all across the globe have seriously condemned the act of getting an eye tattoo.

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