Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks For Eid Party

Eid Ul Fitr is an upcoming festival in which every girl wants to look best especially by wearing the perfect make up onto them. Girls are looking for Eye Makeup Tips for Eid 2015 that makes them glow from the rest of the crowd. Purchasing accessories, clothes, hand bags, shoes and eye makeup products are the essential items for girls. Mostly young girls become crazy about their beauty and they want to look more beautiful on the day of EID.

To make their faces look more attractive they learn different makeup tips for EID. As eyes are the most vital part of your face and is the first thing which people look upon. An expansive number of excellence items, for example, compacts, face powders, lipsticks, establishments, nail paints, mascaras, eye liners, pencils and shadows are accessible on distinctive shops.

Today ladies are making themselves beautiful and present day by applying liner in different shapes on their eyes. It has now turn into a pattern to apply fluid or dry eye liner when going outside.

If any girl wants to make her face clean and clear then she should to try to follow some important tips.

1. Try to lid regularly all the dirt, sebum, makeup and oil. After that apply base coat, powder or foundation to glow your skin.

Eid eye makeup pics

2. To have a long-lasting eye makeup use best concealer of a reputed brand. As it also removes dark circles and patches under the eyes.

3. Try to live happy. Do not take too much stress. Because anxiety also causes freckles, wrinkles and dark patches on face.

4. First of all select your EID dress and then choose shadows accordingly that you want to apply on your eyes.

eye makeup pics

5. There are many types of eye makeup that helps you to have  Best Eye Makeup: the types include Smoky eye makeup, Light gothic eye makeup, Peacock color eye makeup, Retro eye makeup, Cat eye makeup, Arabic eye makeup, Moonlight eye makeup.

6. All these are types are easy to wear and they make someone’s personality more gorgeous and charming.

7. In the event that white and chestnut hues are additionally included the over two shades then it will turn out to be second sort and a lady can wear them with red, yellow or white dress.

eye makeup images

8. With green, purple, blue and yellow outfits you can a young lady can wear third style of this workmanship. As peacock is extremely delightful winged creature and its dazzling plumes like example gives you an exceptional look.

9. For getting a moonlight touch take a little sense of taste and include one shade of your decision, blend it with silver shading and apply it on top. Astonishing liner style makes somebody elegant and alluring also.

best eye makeup

10. If you want to wear dark colors like shades in smoky then take black and grey shades, blend  them well and apply on lower side of lid and blend it completely.

Types of eye makeup tips are essential for a better glowing skin. Especially on eid, special eye makeup tips ca make you look stunning.

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