Creative Eye Makeup Tips for Girls

Girls, check out how you can blend the eye shadows perfectly and get your eyes do the talking.

1. Start off with a powder eye shadow kit because powder is easy to blend and handle and gives you a good color combo and depth other than staying firmly on your eyes for a long time. Similarly eye creams and gloss are good starters because of ease of application.

2. An eye makeup technique that most of the makeup artists use is the application of eye shadows before applying the foundation. This way you’d be able to cleanse off any smudge without affecting your make up. Another tip is to apply excess of face powder on your cheeks and under your eyes to catch the falling eye-shadow particles which can be dusted off easily with a makeup brush.

3. Remember the purpose of eye makeup is to enhance your eyes. Applying too dark shades, excess of eye liner and mascara can make your eyes look smaller and sharper which is an overkill. Say no to louder shades unless you are an expert. Pick neutral shades to begin with.

4. If possible, use arched brush to apply eye-shadows because they are easy to handle and are designed for your eyes.

The problem with eye liner is that it often spreads and blotches your makeup. To tackle it, apply a little bit of eye-shadow on your eye-liner and it will fix in its place without smudging.

A list of creative eye makeup tips that I bet you did not know of before – or at least a few of them for sure.

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