Beautify your lashes with new trend of Colour Mascara

Pakistani cosmetics have been gaining popularity since a while and the production for these cosmetics hence increases due to the ever increasing demand of young girls and women of all ages. Beauty of a woman is dependent upon good quality cosmetics; therefore, Pakistani cosmetic trends are used by many. Many beauty tips often recommend to prefer those cosmetics which are safe and do take care of the skin while applying these cosmetics.

These days, in the popular field of cosmetics, a brightly colour lengthening mascara trend is much appreciated by women. You can make your eyelashes just the way you want; emerald green, shocking pink, electric purple, sky blue or bright turquoise mascara. You name the color and it will be readily available in all the cosmetics shops. Trends in mascaras are such today that they are fragrance free, quite long lasting along with a lengthening and thickening formula to protect your precious eyes from the usage of new cosmetics.

Now, you have the opportunity to make your eyelashes bright with color, longer and prominently thick with a new cosmetic we popularly name, mascara. Make sure to buy that type of mascara which coordinates best with your eye color, hair shade and the lash type. If you don’t choose the right cosmetic, it might make you look unattractive. The following colour mascara trends can be useful for anyone who wishes to buy mascara from the cosmetics shop.

Blue Mascara is good for the people who have blue eyes or just blue flecks in their eyes. This widely available color suits best if your skin has a blue undertone too. Blonde people shouldn’t wait before buying the blue mascara. Purple Mascara varies from a bright neon light to a dark shade. Fair blondes look amazing in light purple and dark purple can be bought be women who have darker complexion. Green eye colour people look stunning when use purple mascara.

  • Green Mascara is typical trend for those women who have green eyes or olive complexion.
  • Pink Mascara should be preferred by those women who have pale complexion. Dramatic look can be given if this color is used to make the look trendier.
  • White Mascara helps in bringing out more attention towards your eyes.
  • Glitter Mascara is great choice when going for late night parties.

Lastly, Neon Mascara is a new cosmetic trend only available in specialty shops, majorly in United Kingdom. It will be a great cosmetic option if planning to go to any Halloween occasion.

Have you been yearning for colored mascara? Try all the available colors of mascara in the cosmetic shops available; blue, emerald green, pink, white, glitter, neon purple, sky blue or bright turquoise.

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