9 Effective Nail Tips to remove Yellow Stains

Getting rid of yellow nails is not only essential to make your hand and feet look presentable and clean yet cleaning them is also a matter of personal hygiene. We move around all the day in dust and pollution and are hands and legs do a lot of work throughout the day.

1. Those who drink less water also get exposed to nail paleness. Drinking 7-10 glass of water in a day make your nails look fresh. You should always use a good quality of nail paint to avoid staining of your nails.

2. Less Smoking can also help reducing the yellow stains from your nails.

3. Rub a slice of potato for 5 minutes will diminish less stubborn pale nails.

4. Add lemon juice in a bowl and put the stained nails in it for about 5 minutes, meanwhile move a lemon slice over your nails with pressure. This will not only help diminish the paleness but also keep your skin contact with lemon the least.

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5. Pour some vinegar into a bowl and place your nails in this solution for some time. Then scrub nails with a nail brush.


6. Mix one tablespoon of salt with two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil. Now scrub the stained nails with this mixture and wash off the scrub with water after a few minutes.

7. Take a teeth whitening paste and apply it on the nails. After five minutes rinse it off with water.

8. Pour half cup of hydrogen peroxide in half cup of water. Submerge your nails in this solution for 5 minutes and then wash with fresh water.

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9. Mix one part of bleach in ten parts of water and dip your nails into it. Scrub later and then wash with water.


It is always a good idea to apply moisturizer on the nails after such treatments because in the process it loses moisture.

Nail paleness is the universal problem faced by many girls, usually believing that the reason is the excessive use of nail polish.

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