5 Ways To Have Longer Hair

Longer and swishy hair are a dream of every girl. Is having longer hair one of your dreams? You are just one step away for getting beautiful longer hair if you make some changes in your daily life routine. Having a good haircare routine helps you in preventing hair breakage and makes your hair long, silky and smooth. I would suggest you some tips for getting longer hair. Follow these tips and transform your dream of longer hair in reality. 

1.  For getting longer hair, it is necessary to stop hair breakage and damage first. To prevent your hair from breakage you have to change the ways you wash your hair. The temperature of water for washing hair affects your hair. It is essential to wash hair with normal water temperature.

Using superhot water will cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. Wash your hair no more than three times a week with coldest water you can handle. Daily washing dries out hair by stripping away natural occurring oil that acts as scalp built in conditioner. Gently pat your hair dry with a towel. If you are roughly drying your hair, you are breaking your hair. Don’t brush your hair when they are wet. Wet hairs are stretchable and tend to break more easily than dry hair

2. For getting longer hair, roots must be strong. For making roots stronger use conditioner that contains essential oils and nourishes your hair. Massage your head for two to three minutes to stimulate blood circulation. It promotes better scalp health. 

3. Massaging is essential for getting stronger roots which is vital to get longer hair. Use your fingertips for massaging your hair with coconut or almond oil. Massaging stimulates blood flow and hair growth. Most women are afraid of using conditioner because they think that conditioners clogs pores. But conditioner is necessary to moisturize the hair just like your face requires moisturizers. It hydrates your hair and makes them strong. 

4. Your hair is affected by what you eat. Eat balance diet in order to have health and swishy hair. If your scalp is dry, include omega 3 and fish oils in your diet. There is no better way to strengthen the weak hair than daily supplements. Adding supplements with right balance of vitamins, essential minerals and proteins.

Hair commonly grows in warmer months so take special care of your hair in summer. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated. If your hair looks dry, frizzy and more prone to damage, it means your body requires adequate amount of water. Drinking water is easiest and absolutely vital part of growing your hair longer. 

5. Trim your hair less than half an inch every other month. The ends of long hair become frizzy and dry due to styling. Comb your hair with brush having wide bristles. It will prevent your hair from splitting and breaking of hair. Always brush your hair before going to bed.

Your hair breaks when you toss and turn during sleep. So it is important to prevent split ends during sleep. Use cotton pillow case because it creates less friction and your hair is less likely to break and tangle.

There are so many ways to get longer hair but to save your precious time I am going to quickly compile 5 ways to have longer hair faster. These are the ways you must know to achieve longer hair.

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