5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

Your skin is the protector which meets and greets the external world. It keeps the foreign invaders out, protects against temperature changes including sunlight.

Though your skin won’t self-destruct itself when you forgot to wash it one night before going to sleep, but the face’s skin being the thinnest, has it tough. You owe it to yourself to give your skin a little extra care. Here are the practices you should avoid at all cost to have a healthy wrinkle-free skin! Here are 5 things you should never do to your skin.

1. Popping and Picking

Popping a pimple can give you the high of your day. It is tempting but you have to resist this temptation majorly for two reasons. The first is your skin will have a never fading scar post popping the pimple and secondly, your fingers are a host of bacteria and the zit is a localized infection. And the result of biological meet-and-greet? Your foe pimple comes back to party with his family. So, when the urge increases, tie your hands and wait. Call a dermatologist if Mt Vesuvius appears.

2. Over Obedience To Exfoliation

To put it simply, you have to stop being an exfoliation enthusiast. Exfoliation clears up your pores and leaves your skin fresher but by engaging in this you are removing the protective barrier your skin has. As soon as you scrub away the protective barrier, your skin gets quickly exposed to all the environmental toxins and sun damage.

3. Your Long Marriage To Your Skin Care Products

You like the smell, texture of the cream you regularly use, and you carry it everywhere. It is the dream cream your vanity always has. But you are ignoring one major factor i.e. your hormones. Your hormones change with change in environment, food, energy and so on. Once in six months you should pay a visit to your skin specialist and devise a plan to efficiently deal with the seasonal changes.

4. Sleeping With Your Make Up On

Kim Kardashian may do it but you never sleep with a face full of make-up and it is not the first time you have come across this age-old adage but you should know why getting a wee bit lazy can cost you a lot. Your skin works really hard and what keeps it busy? During the day it is in its ninja mode and protects your skin from harmful rays’ free radicals. At night your skin goes into the repair mode and it produces new cells, and regenerates collagen production. By sleeping with your make up on your skin has to work extra hard through that grime and dirt your makeup caught on during the day.

5. Treating Your Neck And Eyes As Second Fiddles

During those cleansing and de-tanning your face you often forget your neck too has accumulated dirt and grime, it needs to be cleansed in order to match your facial tone. Even the skin under your eyes need extra care too. As wrinkles around neck and crow feet can be serious giveaway of your age.

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