The right tea for you

Tea is a great beverage used all around the world by the people of all walks of life. People love to take a cup of tea several times a day; first thing in the morning, during office, with friends and family and even out of boredom! But are they taking the right kind of tea? This question hardly ever pops up in one’s mind and they keep on taking the kind of tea that goes with their usual culture without noticing whether it is a healthy tea or not.

Black tea is the most common kind of tea in Pakistan. It is used in immense quantity all over the country. Then comes the green tea and coffee with different flavors. People take them once or twice a day or occasionally, but the black tea is widely used all over Pakistan.

Despite of the cultural approaches and other factors, one must know what kind of tea suits him according to his physical constitution. Let’s have a look at some of the effects of different kinds of tea.

• Black tea

It is the most common type of tea in Pakistan. It is prepared from matured leaves and stems of Camellia sinesis plant. It improves alertness and is good for memory and to refresh the nervous system. However, extensive use of the balck tea can cause hardness in the arteries causing high blood pressure, and a few heart ailments as well. It also reduces the absorption of iron in the body.

Green tea

It is the second most common tea in Pakistan. It is widely used in some northern areas of Pakistan. It is prepared from the fresh leaves of Camellia sinesis plant; therefore it has different effects from the black tea.

It is a healthy tea and has many health benefits. It has been used in China since ancient times and they have done a lot of research on the benefits and healthy tips of green tea. It reduces cholesterol, reduces access water content and solid fat in the body. It is also helpful in cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease. However, extensive use of green tea can cause dryness and fast aging of the skin.

• White tea

It is the least processed out of all kinds of tea, which makes it healthier than the black and green tea. It has more anti-oxidants and is good for the health. It helps in high blood pressure because it makes the blood thinner and improves its flow. The healthy tips of the white tea also include the skin protection. It has well anti aging effects and might even reverse the damage to the skin due to sun exposure. But it is not advisable to take white tea in excess as it thins the blood which could be fatal in some cases.

• Yellow tea

This kind of tea is not very common in Pakistan; however, it is also a healthy tea. It prevents cancer, prevents and eases cardiovascular diseases. It is a good anti oxidant and prevents diabetes as well. In some cases, it also promotes mental agility.

Whatever kind of tea you use in your daily life, do not use it in excess. Although all kinds of tea are healthy tea, but they still have some side effects as well. So it is advisable to keep a balance in your daily routine and eating habits.

There are different kinds of tea and each of them has its own benefits. See which kind of tea suits your requirements and gives its most benefits.

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