Ten bold Ways to update your Home with Olive Green

If you are thinking of updating your house and cannot decide which color to go for then olive green definitely is the in thing. If you already had planned that olive green is the thing for you then here are some tips and ideas we are sharing with you to make the interior of your house look fabulous. If you are still thinking that why olive green is so fashionable for home interiors, the answer is right here. Olive green is one of those very few colors which are both summery and excellent for winters too. If you do your house I olive green this summer, it is not going to bore you in the upcoming winter or the next.

Victorian antiques and their replicas especially lamps go very well with an olive green wall. You can even put a table runner on any one of the table of your room and enhance the olive green touch that you have in your house. Olive green adds to the beauty and makes your house look more natural. You can put pretty pastel colored flowers in a nice short and round vase in front of an olive green wall.

olive green room

Foer tables play a vital role when it comes to doing your home in olive green. If you do not have any colored furniture in your home and want to keep a Foer table then you can get the wood of the Foer table painted in olive green. If you think that is too much, go for just shades of olive green teamed up with walnut brown wood for furniture. You can hang pretty colored plates on your walls which are painted olive green. Make sure you do not paint all the wall of on particular room in olive green as that is going to make the room really gloomy.

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Team up bright yellow paintings or flowers or decoration pieces with olive green as there is nothing that goes better with it than yellow. You can go bold and get your chairs of the dining room or lounge sofas upholstered in olive green and team them up with funky shocking pink or orange cushions. Hang many mirrors on an olive green wall of different sizes to give the wall a really modern look. Also, the mirrors will add a dimension to the room and make it look bigger. This will help in making the room bright and not gloomy because of the olive green wall.

olive green house

A fireplace with and olive green rug placed in front of it creates the coziest effect in your living room. You can most definitely add that to any of your ideas while updating your home with olive green this time. You can even get your book shelves painted olive green for this season if you have a library at home. Libraries are perfect for such colors like olive green and this is why we strongly recommend this part of the house to be done in olive green.

If you want to do your kitchen in olive green then again you can go for colored wooden cabinets but as it is said, kitchens of today are preferred to have brown wooden cabinets you can go for granite for your counter tops to be olive green. It creates a very homely kitchen environment and is an excellent idea when it comes to olive green redo of houses. This time do it different and do it with style.

There are a number of ways that you can opt for while doing or redoing your home in olive green. It is classy and is one of the most fashionable colors for home interior this season. If olive green is the color stuck in your head, read on.

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