Stop Complaining, It’s Bad For Your Brain

With our perpetual This-is-not-right-that-is-not-right tantrums, we are busy in complaining all the time but we are oblivious of the fact that complaining creates issues instead of solving them. Observe yourself, are you complaining about weather, siblings and exchange annoying glances with neighbors and family members? This sounds totally normal. The fact is that we are impacted by what we listen to and start complaining.

Complaining ruins your thoughts and unconsciousness. Your brain contains more than 100 billion neurons that flawlessly work together to create consciousness and thoughts. But these thoughts and consciousness may disturb by continuous complaining. This article is only to make you realize you that complaining is not the solution of problems. Think twice. Complaining may double your problem and also cause anxiety and frustration for you as well as others.

Now the question is why complaining is bad for brain and how it affects brain badly. According to some psychologists, brain is like a muscle and if you are exposed to complaining and negativity for a long period of time, you are more likely to behave in the same way as well. A study showed that complaining affects your inner thought and unconsciousness. Brain reacts to various stimuli including negativity.

According to medical experts, the fact is that negativity actually peels away neurons in the brain’s part named hippocampus which is associated with problem solving. Basically it turns your brain to mush. What we are exposed to in our life has a deep impact on our behavior and thinking. So as long as you are in negativity you are more likely to be a negative person. If you are surrounded with positivity you will surely have a positive attitude.

Negative thinking is so addictive. It is very difficult to be safe from negativity that is being produced unconsciously by too much complaining. If you keep holding negative thoughts, you condition your mind to expect negative outputs. Your neurons that build up your brain learn to predict the reoccurrence of negative stimuli. There are so many ways to shield the brain from negative effects of complaining. For coping up with this situation I would suggest you some tips.

The way to lessen complaining is just listening and give vague answers like ohh, very sad etc. Pretend that you are listening. Don’t take it to your heart. You have to be supportive only. Be patient with yourself and other and don’t lose your sense of perspective. Too much complaining does not only affect your brain but also can breakdown your relationship. Being exposed to too much explaining can actually make you dumb. Negativity has detrimental impact on brain.

Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses. Instead of complaining try to resolve issues. Save yourself and your loved ones from mental torture. It is impossible to stay away from complaining but you have to consider the solution of problems on your own before complaining. Don’t react harshly. Be kind to yourself and others.

It has been proved by psychologists and medical experts that too much exposure to negativity is harmful for brain. Too much complaining destroys your internal mental behavior by affecting your thoughts unconsciously.

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