Skim Milk May Not Reduce Obesity Risk

Many recent researches have shown that those persons have less weight that use whole milk in comparison with skim milk users. Whole milk users are more energetic, active and have strong immunity. They can fight efficiently against diseases.

Containing more amounts of sodium and carbohydrates:

Study: Skim Milk May Not Reduce the Obesity Risks proved that skim milk is fat free milk. When fats are removed then it contains sodium and carbohydrates in large amount. It also contains sugar in a higher amount as compared to whole milk. 12 g of sugar is present in skim milk which is a weight gaining constituent. More work out will be required to burn or consume such a drastic amount of sugar.

Study: Skim Milk May Not Reduce the Obesity Risks will beclear by following facts and figures.

• Diet or low fat milk

Skim milk is actually a product of whole milk. Skim milk is generally considered as a diet milk or low fat milk. No doubts skim milk is low fat milk but it lacks all the natural nutrients which accelerate the metabolism and enzymatic activities of the body.  Skim milk may lead many deficiencies in humans.

• Nutritious value of skim milk

Study: Skim Milk May Not Reduce the Obesity Risks has revealed the basic nutritious value of skim milk.

Skim milk contains fortified and artificial vitamins and proteins like vitamins A, D, E and K and some extent of proteins. In short run skim milk gives accurate caloric intake to a health conscious or diet conscious person but in long run it may cause deficiencies. Apparently we consider the quick results of weight reduction instead of the adverse effects of health damages.

• Heart disease risks

At present age everyone wants to be smart fit and active. in order to maintain weight people  are crazy  to use low fat products like skim milk without looking at the consequences of it. One of the most horrible drawback of skim milk is it contains sugar constituents which increases the cholesterol level which ultimately results higher risks of heart diseases.

• Notorious value of whole milk

study: Skim Milk May Not Reduce The Obesity Risks   favors’  whole milk resources .cow milk ,goat milk are pure and best types of milk called fresh and whole milk. Whole milk contains lenolic acid which is helpful metabolic activities.

Whole milk is fat soluble and rich with vitamins A, D, E and K naturally which help to absorb the body to the calcium and proteins efficiently. Whole milk is very tasty flavorful and an excellent source of proteins.

• Powdered milk addition

In skim milk powdered milk is added in fix proportion. Powdered milk is a fix part of skim milk which makes the milk oxidized. Milk oxidization processes which damages the cholesterol level in body which ultimately becomes a major reason of heart diseases.

Study: Skim Milk May Not Reduce the Obesity Risks  is related to major health issues.

In females whole milk increases the fertility rate and also increases their immunity.

• References from Quran and hadith

The significance of milk or whole milk can be realized by the sayings of Allah and Holy Prophet Peace Be upon Him.

"Rivers of milk the taste where of does not change" (Qur’an 47:15). And again He said, "Pure milk, easy and agreeable to swallow for those who drink" (Qur’an 16:66).

The Prophet (SAW) said that milk wipes away heat from the heart just as the finger wipes away sweat from the brow.

Study on “Skim Milk May Not Reduce The Obesity Risks” is the fact which people usually don’t consider. Famous skim milk manufacturer companies in order to make money misconceptualize this fact that skim milk lacks the essential nutrients for metabo

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