Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

Summer drinks are full of flavor, energy and fruity taste. Cocktails can be subtle, fruity and plain also. Enjoy your summer parties with fruity cocktails. Cocktails are perfect treat on hot sunny days. Serve on sultry summer day parties with fizzy sweetness of delicious and colorful cocktails. Are you looking for refreshing summer cocktail recipes? Check out these.

Strawberry margarita Spritzers

Fresh strawberries, frozen daiquiri mix and club soda make up margarita spritzers. For making strawberry margarita spritzers ingredients that you will require are:

Frozen whole strawberries 10-oz
Frozen strawberry daiquiri mix 10-oz
Tequila 1 cup
Orange liqueur ¼ cup
Fresh lime juice 2 tbsp
Chilled club soda 1 liter


1. For making strawberry margarita spritzers, pulse first five ingredients in a blender until smooth.

2. Pour into the pitcher.

3. Stir in club soda just before serving.

4. Serve over ice and garnish it with lemon, if desired.

Orange splash

Are you citrus lover? Orange splash is just for you full of all the sweet, tart and tangy flavors you desire to have in citrus cocktail. It is a nice balance of fruit and acidity.  Ingredients for making orange splash are:

Citrus vodka 2 ounces
Cointreau or triple sec 1 ounces
Fresh lime juice 1 splash
Orange juice 1 splash
Sugar and orange slice For Garnish


1. Pour all ingredients over ice in a shaker and shake it vigorously.

2. Rim a glass with sugar

3. Garnish with orange slice.  

Mango peach Fizz

This can be tasty treat bubbling with tropical flavors and makes you refresh. Make sure to keep it kids friendly by using club soda.

Ripe mango (peeled, pitted and cubed) 1
Large Ripe peach (peeled, pitted and cubed) 1
Unsweetened mango, peach and orange juice ½ cup
Sugar 1 tbsp
Peach flavored seltzer accordnig to taste
Cold club soda accordnig to taste


1. In blender puree mango, peach and fruity juice and sugar. You can prepare puree up to one day ahead and refrigerated.

2. For making each glass of fizz, fill tall glass with ice cubes.

3. Pour 2 tbsp of each puree and peach flavor seltzer into each glass.

4. Top glass with cold club soda, garnish with fresh mango wedges and serve chilled.

Raspberry beer cocktail

Fresh raspberry works best with fruity beer. This refreshing cocktail is the perfect sipper for a summer poolside party. Ingredients include:

Frozen raspberries ¾ cup
Chilled beer 12-oz
Raspberry lemonade 12-oz
Vodka ½ cup
Lemon and lime slices for garnish


Stir all ingredients together. Serve over ice. Garnish if you want.

Strawberry punch

Canned pineapple and muddled fresh strawberries add a refreshing fruity taste to this refreshing summer cocktail. Ingredients that are required for making strawberry punch are:

Fresh strawberries 3
Canned pineapple 3 slices
Pineapple syrup from can ½ ounces
Lime juice ¼ ounces
Simple syrup ¼ ounces

For making simple sugar dissolve one part sugar in one part boiling water and let it cool.

White rum: 2 ounces


1. Muddle fruit.

2. Now pour over ice with ingredients and shake.

3. Garnish with fruit

Give a try to all these refreshing summer cocktails to make your summer more joyful and fresh. You can have delicious and fruity cocktail in no time as they are quick and easy to make.

Enjoy this summer with fruity, energetic and refreshing cocktails. Cocktails are perfect treat on hot sunny days. Make your summer days more joyful and refreshing.

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