How to Grow a Decorative Vegetable Garden

Plan a garden that is both functional and that adds beauty to your landscape design. Your home garden is best place to grow vegetables. By this you can get home growing vegetables as well as an attractive home garden.

Pakistan home gardens are very popular, mostly people have their own landscape, they have gardens and lawns in their home, Pakistani home vegetable gardens give benefits of home grown vegetables to their residence and they can design very well by following these easy steps. 

Set out special areas of your garden to display your decorative vegetables:

1st of all, make a mind that which area of your garden you will reserve for vegetables. Don’t try to choose a hidden area for growing vegetables in your home garden. As it doesn’t look awkward in current era. The best place for the home garden is a corner of the property that’s visible from both the house and the end of the driveway. 

Select suitable vegetables:

After selecting suitable place for growing vegetables, it is time to decide which vegetable will be better. Those vegetables will be better which can grow easily. Like tomato, cabbage. Cabbage plant have beautiful flower, and tomato have beautiful red look.
There are many other vegetables too which you can grow easily in your home garden.

Add in some herbs:

Consider adding in some herbs for color and contrast around the edges or in between the decorative vegetables. Add some herb plants to give an attractive look to your home vegetable garden. 

Try including edible flowers in your garden:

The edible flowers will enhance the beauty of your garden & will give special look. 

Change the look yearly:

Some vegetables grow yearly, so you have to change your home garden look yearly. Change the vegetables, and grow them on different location. Change the layout look yearly. 

Change the look seasonally, too:

Some vegetables grow with season to season, like ladyfinger comes in summer, so you have to change your home garden look seasonally too. Cultivate the seeds of seasonally grown vegetables.

Create permanent structure in your garden:

Consider the plot size and the types of vegetables you want to plant. If a small area is unavailable, don’t forget that vegetables can be grown in a window box or small pot.
If you have lawn or children play area around your home vegetable garden, then do special care. If you want to decorate your vegetable garden with Garden statuary, fountains, sundials, and other ornaments then do it in limit. 

Maintain the garden:

Maintenance of any thing plays a big role in the success of that project. Maintain your home vegetable garden by doing day to day effort. Keep it neat & clean. Spray thoroughly. Be sure to remove all weeds and debris from the garden area before planting. Use gardening tools to loosen the soil so the roots can expand and grow.

Plant vegetables in an attractive layout:

For attractive layout of your home vegetable garden, use a splash of paint on your walls so that you can further enhance the design of your home garden. No matter how beautiful your home garden may turn out, it will not look attractive if you have a dull and worn out wall in the background.

Planting your own vegetable garden can save you big bucks on your budget, and you don't need a lot of space to do it. Here, we are giving some tips to design your own home vegetable garden with special look.

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