Zayn Malik invited by SRK for Fan screening

Indian actor Shahrukh Khan and Zayn Malik‘s new collaboration is going to be LEGEND wait for it DARY! As we all know, Shahrukh’s fandom is pretty vast not just here but all over the world and that’s a fact nobody can deny.

The actor can easily be recognised thanks to his immense contribution to the film industry. Needless to say, his upcoming film FAN too has become one of the most anticipated films not just because it’s SRK but also because of the content that it will be delivering. The film is quite promising and ever since the trailer release, fans of the actor have gone berserk.

The whole idea of finally seeing Shah Rukh do some quality role was the word on social media. Fan’s of the actor are going dizzy with excitement and fervour for the film. And among all the fans stands one more gem that will elevate the shock value. And it’s none other than British popstar Zayn Malik!

It wouldn’t be a big surprise to know that Zayn is also smitten by this Indian actor as the duo even met up last year to share a cute selfie. Remember that selfie which broke the internet to another level? So yeah, Zayn and Shah Rukh have ever since been in touch and in fact, during SRK’s Dilwale tour in London, the popstar personally went to visit him too!

Zayn even chilled with the rest of team Dilwale. So it wouldn’t be harmful to say that these two celebs are pretty tight! So much that Shah Rukh is planning to hold a special screening of his upcoming movie FAN just for the Pillowtalk hitmaker! The former 1D singer will be having a world tour this month and he’s all set to visit India as well. Could the day have rocked better? SRK and Zayn coming together once again! Wow that’s a lot of excitement to contain in one moment. We’ve got some exclusive scoop on Zayn’s India schedule and King Khan’s plans for the singer so check it all out HERE!

Indian Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has invited Pillowtalk hitmaker, Zayn Malik for a special screening of his upcoming film, Fan.

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