Where is Kaavish?

From hit song Bachpan to another hit song Choti Khushiyan Kaavish was lucky with masses as their videos and one hit after another hit song was welcomed. The Music analysts were already seeing Kaavish as the next big thing.

Kaavish gave us the much needed fresh breeze with their hit song list of two. But soon after comes a break. Kaavish says they are hitting the studio and working on its debut album which they will call “Gunkali”.

The countdown this time was for not just one hit song or two but Kaavish album that promised a hit song list, and was anticipated by the audiences just as the critics. When we are quite done waiting and about to give up, Kaavish speaks up on their Facebook page. Finally. They are quite modest when they say that ‘most of you are probably not even interested in knowing’

All last year Kaavish was busy working with the album and re-working on it. Perfection is not achieved overnight just as a hit song is not done over a day either. Around at the end of last year they were done compiling one hit song after another for their album. That is when they were at the mercy of the record company. The production issues are on their plate yet to be resolved. So here is hoping whatever it is that they have to sort out gets sorted soon I want some Kaavish crooning and a song that feels like a hit song, enough of one hit wonders please.

If you are almost done with Kaavish dumping promises of an album soon, then dont! Wait up some more since they are about to surprise you with the album thats going to be more than a one hit wonder definitely.

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