Sonia Mishal ‘shames’ Humaima Malick and Dua Malick for their silence over Feroze’s alleged abuse 

Sonia Mishal is a Pakistan Television Actress and Model. She was born on November 3, 1993, in Karachi, Pakistan. She started her career as a model and became famous in a very short time. After some time after her birth, her family settled in Doha, Qatar.

She was raised in Doha city and got her early education in the same city. Her family again relocated to Karachi after some time. Mishal is the youngest and only sister of three brothers.

Pakistani television actress Sonia Mishal actress shared her take on Feroze-Alizey alleged domestic violence abuse case. The Ehd-e-Wafa actress bashed the sisters of Feroze Khan for choosing to remain silent over alleged domestic abuse. 

The ‘Piya Bedardi’ took her Instagram and called out Humaima Malick and Dua Malick and their mother as well for staying quiet and letting this abuse happen for four years. She also called out Feroze Khan for being a strong misogynistic and weak man. 

Here is the post: 

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