Rabi Pirzada Revealed She Made That Controversial Leaked Video

Pakistani singer, music composer, and songwriter Rabi Pirzada explained the events that led to her downfall and the leakage of videos. Rabi appeared in a chat show and admitted that she used to be very arrogant and haughty in terms of her character. She used to consider herself a strong character girl who avoided scandals, affairs, or controversies in the industry.

She also used to think that no one can ever lift a finger on her character. She had a habit of picking on other actors for their scandals. Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik, and Neelum Muneer were the targets of character assassination.

“I used to let people down because I believed they were less than human. Later, I started to regret bragging about my moral superiority as it became my downfall. Allah punished me for my arrogance,” she continued.

(PIC: G Sarkar /YouTube- Screenshot)

“Now that I have a different perspective, I believe that all of those women are better human beings than I am. I believe my videos got leaked and I faced shame and humility due to my arrogance,” she said. She furthered said Allah intended to guide and transform her that’s why it all happened to her as transformation is impossible without such difficult trials.

A few years back, some girls who were living with Rabi got their hands on some private videos of Rabi that she had made for herself and leaked them online. The videos went viral within seconds. This was a big tragedy for Rabi that changed her a lot after that. She left entertainment and turned to Allah.

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