Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar Impossible is a movie directed by actor-director Jugal Hansraj. It is a superb love story told in a beautiful way. The movie focuses on whether love depends on only looks. The movie is a nice start to Yash Raj Films innings this year.

The movie disentangles the story of a geek Abhay Sharma [Uday Chopra]. He is in love with the sexiest girl in his college, Alisha Merchant [Priyanka Chopra] whilst studying in California.

Acting wise, Uday Chopra is a big bombshell. He is perfect as Abhay. Priyanka looks elegant and delivers a wonderful performance. Dino Morea astonishes and carries off his part pretty well. Advika Yadav, the kid playing Priyanka’s daughter, is also lovable.

Overall Pyaar Impossible is a feel-nice film by Jugal Hansraj. It is a superb love story and really touches the heart. Uday Chopra and Priyanka Chopra deliver sparkling performances in the movie. Uday’s screenplay remains faithful to the main plot throughout. Jugal Hansraj’s direction is superb in the film. A little more detailing in moments and sequences could have done wonders. Abhay’s geek ness is taken for granted and more notice is paid to Priyanka who look glamorous, whereas it should have been vice versa.

Pyaar Impossible is a good movie on the whole but a bit of more work could have done wonders to it.

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