Atif Aslam’s Met Female Fans for 45 Minutes Teased and Hugged Them

Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani playback singer, songwriter, composer and actor who is best known for his songs in the Pakistani and Indian film industries. He has recorded many songs in both Pakistan and India, and is known for his vocal belting technique.

According to the young female fan, the meetup was 45 minutes long. Atif Aslam’s another Fan shared unnusual meetup’s stories and also condidered it to be a “Cordial Meet Up”.

Atif Aslam
(Source: Twitter @sunflwrsunset)

Here is what fan shared, “made some fun of me, called me a rondu, a sohni kurri, a cute homeless rondu, a psycho, and played zero kaata with me on my hand because I was shaking, he said kaanp kyun rahi hai, hugged me so tight b/c I was crying and teased me endlessly for 45 minutes”.

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