Simple ways to eliminate Unwanted Facial Hair

Facial hair can be a big nuisance as they spoil your looks and to get rid of them you have to depend on waxing and even threading. Both these options are not comfort oriented and therefore not at all pleasing and also time taking. In this regard time becomes important as many of us have to undergo long and busy working days and by the time we are on the way home,the salons are closed and not available for giving services. The choice then is to go for home remedies and luckily there are many available and they are effective too. As for the ingredient requirements, these too can be met from what is readily available in the kitchen, so the solution and control lies in our hands. You just have to be aware of the procedures and we share the same with you.

Mix of Turmeric, gram flour and curd

Turmeric and gram flour (besan) are to be mixed  with curd and the resulting mixture can be applied to the face and then given time to dry.The application must be allowed to stay for thirty minutes on the face.Thereafter the rubbing process has to be started.Rub in a way so that your hand movement is in the opposite direction of the hair growth.This has to be done once in a week and continued for a few months and results will be good and effective.

Mix of Sugar and lemon

Prepare a juice by mixing  two tablespoons of sugar, 10 tablespoons of water and add thereto two teaspoons of lemon juice.This juice can be applied to the face. Remember to rub in a soft way in the direction opposing the growth.Then go for a wash using cold water.You will find the hair removed.An additional benefit that you get is the color will also be lightened.An important precaution is not to rub it on sensitive areas.

Make a paste of Potato and lentils

Make use of  lentils and potatoes and combine them to make a paste.As for the process to be followed, Peel and chop the potatoes into tiny pieces and by using the blender mesh with  yellow lentils.Keep the mix soaked overnight and then apply the paste on your face.The time for keeping the paste on is  20 minutes.To get results the process has to be  repeat weekly.

Prepare scrub of Banana and oatmeal

Grind a banana and add to it two teaspoons of oatmeal. Mix and apply the mixture to your face.Rub in circular fashion and keep rubbing for around ten minutes. Let it stay for around  20 minutes. The hair will go away and one more benefit is that the skin will become soft.

Prepare mask of Orange and lemon

To nourish the skin ,use orange peel which is high in Vitamin E content.The mixture to be prepared must contain one teaspoon of powdered orange peel, lemon peel and a few almonds plus one teaspoon of oatmeal.Add to the mixture two more items.These are one teaspoon of rose water and two teaspoons of olive oil.After the mix is ready ,apply the paste to the face and let. it stay for ten minutes.The rubbing must be done in circular motions.Rubbing time is five minutes.Washing is to follow. 

so the solution and control lies in our hands. You just have to be aware of the procedures and we share the same with you.

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