Explore the Top Men’s Wedding Attire Brands Under One Roof

Planning a wedding is never simple, and for grooms, finding the perfect attire can seem like a daunting task. Seeking a one-of-a-kind, meticulously tailored sherwani with all its intricate details? The search often involves multiple stops, considering there aren’t many places catering to all the wedding events from Mehndi to Walima.

However, the game has changed! Introducing the Wedding Mega Store – a fusion of the iconic Andre Emilio and Shameel Khan, both situated majestically under one roof at 📍27 k, Sir Syed Road, Block K, Gulberg 2, Lahore.

andre emilio store
©Andre Emilio

Imagine a multi-story haven where each floor is a tribute to these luxury brands. As you explore, you’ll uncover an array of styles and fabrics that promise to make your big day unforgettable. Every groom-to-be can now experience the convenience of selecting from a diverse range, all in one chic location. It’s wedding season, and there’s no better destination for a groom in search of bespoke finery.

Andre Emilio: The Art of Tailoring Perfected

Located on the Ground Floor, Andre Emilio is more than just a brand; it’s a legacy. Synonymous with precision and timely delivery, our suits, tuxedos, and shirts are crafted from the finest fabrics sourced globally.

andre emilio store photos
©Andre Emilio

Every suit tells a story, and with our efficient 15-day delivery system and international shipping, we’re ensuring your story shines bright on your special day.

andre emilio products
©Andre Emilio

More Details:

Call/WhatsApp: 0300-0800744 & 300-0800745

Store Location: https://bit.ly/3T2EpFB

Website: pk.andreemilio.com

Facebook: facebook.com/AndreEmilioClothing

Instagram: instagram.com/andreemilio.official

Twitter: twitter.com/AndreEmilio_Men

Shameel Khan: Traditions Reinvented

Elevate your wedding ensemble with Shameel Khan, your go-to for traditional yet contemporary designs, situated on the first floor. From intricately designed Sherwanis to custom-made Khusas, every piece showcases unmatched craftsmanship.

shameel khan store
©Shameel Khan

Shameel Khan’s handmade embroideries and motifs stand as a testament to our attention to detail. Choose Shameel Khan, and let your attire echo regality and elegance.

shameel khan store pics
©Shameel Khan

So, grooms-to-be, why wander aimlessly? Step into our world, embrace the luxury and let us craft an outfit that’s uniquely you. Your wedding deserves nothing short of perfection. Come, redefine wedding trends with us.

More Details:

Call/WhatsApp: 0300-08007450

Store Location: https://bit.ly/3UqN0mR

Website: www.shameelkhan.com

Facebook: facebook.com/shameelkhan.official

Instagram: instagram.com/shameelkhan.official

Twitter: facebook.com/shameelkhan.official

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