How to Fight Face Puffiness?

The first question which comes into our minds is what are the reasons that cause our face to be puffy? What can be done to prevent it and what are the face puffiness care tips which we can use to fight face puffiness? I will tell you the answer to these entire three questions which is related to both skin scare and body functioning because you should know all about it and also skin care and face puffiness care tips so that you could fight face puffiness with ease.

The first question; what causes face puffiness?

There is more than one reason which cause face puffiness. It can be caused when you are sleeping properly for about 6 to 8 hours, allergies, some sort of injury which caused face puffiness, hormones, any sort of illness, fluid retention or when you body is not functioning properly or you are dehydrated.

The Second Question: How to Prevent Face Puffiness?

I will definitely share skin care and face puffiness care tips but first you should know how to avoid face puffiness. Some points or face puffiness care tips should be followed in order to prevent face puffiness. Some extra skin care and body care is required.

  • Make sure you keep yourself hydrated because dehydration also causes face puffiness. So just make sure you drink around 8 glasses of water which is one of the very important face puffiness care tips.

  • One thing which you also have to make sure that you have to control your sodium intake and set it to a limit which should be around 2,000mg. An increased amount of sodium is also the cause of face puffiness because of fluid retention.

  • Exercise, exercise and exercise. It always sets things straight. Regular exercise is always important.

The Third Question: How to Treat Face Puffiness?

Face puffiness care tips are needed to be followed for its treatment however in some cases face puffiness care tips should not be applied because sometime medical treatment is required because sometimes the face puffiness is caused by some sort of allergic reaction or an injury. It would best if you consider checking it with your doctor to be sure. As for the rest of the skin care, here are some face puffiness care tips.

  • When you are about to sleep just raise your head up a bit. It will be helpful in getting rid of the puffiness. Just use an extra pillow or a cushion.

  • Another face puffiness tip is to wash your face with cold water. It will you reduce the puffiness.

  • Drinks lots of water.

  • Lower your salt intake.

  • Face puffiness care tips also include tips for eyes which always the same and the usual cucumber slices. Just grab two slices and put them on your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Some makeup products sometimes do not agrees with your skin and may cause the swelling. Discard those products at the first sign of the face puffiness.

  • To reduce the puffiness you can also try the cold treatment which is just taking a small piece of cloth which should be clean. Put a couple of ice cubes in it and press them on your puffy face.

  • It is always best to get yourself checked up by your doctor. Sometimes medicine like anti-inflammatory medicine has to be taken to reduce the puffiness.

  • Another one of the face puffiness care tips is considered very useful which drinking green tea is. Green tea contains anti-oxidants which help to get rid of face puffiness.

So these were some of the face puffiness care tips which should be kept in mind. But before applying some of these face puffiness care tips you should always consider having an appointment with your doctor for better results and skin care.

Puffy face is caused by numerous reasons. The reasons can be lack of sleep, allergies, injuries or fluid retention. It is a sign which means your body is having problem in performing its functions. There are various treatments and face puffiness care tips

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