Fresh and Active Eyes Part 1

We all must acquire conscious concern about our eyes as it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. We will tell to some necessary steps and by considering them you can easily maintain the beauty of your eyes. 

 Very first step towards the care of your charming eyes is to remain far away from stress and tensions as much as possible. Stress badly affects not only on your physical health but also on your eyes. As you may have dark circles around your eyes due to tensions. It can also make your eyes dull and give them a rough look.

Lack of rest can also create dark circles around your eyes. So complete rest is must for keeping your eyes fresh and active. Sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day, as this is an adult body requirement. Another important thing in this regard is to sleep in time and wake up early in the morning. It means that try to set some particular period of your sleep timings. If you will get up early in the morning, it will not only make your face glowing but also your eyes sparkling. Especially deep sleeps relaxes you the more then disturbing sleeps. Disturbing sleep can cause dark circles and make your eyes puffy.

You must have heard that avoid looking at the bright light, as this can cause problem to your eyes. Watching television from little distance or continuously looking at the sun or on some other bright light can be a serious threat to your eyes. Other then all this, avoids reading in dim light and very small or bad printed letters. While doing this your eyes puts an extra effort to read, this is not good for the health of your eyes. This can make your eye side weak. So avoid doing all these and take them as precautions.

  Well there are some cool, light beneficial colors for eyes. Like looking at the fresh green color, particularly on trees or plants can give your eyes some freshness. 

So always prefer to look at the beauties of nature to keep your eyes beautiful, being a part of the beauties of nature. 

Eyes are the window of your soul. Through your eyes you see the colors of the world and enjoy the beauties of nature.

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