Dress Guide For Baby Boys 0-6 Months

When a couple gets the news of becoming parent, they wish to buy all the best and cutest clothes for their baby. Buying baby clothes is not an easy task. It can be hectic and disturbing if you don’t know what to select for your baby. Markets are overloaded with the beautiful dresses of all little princesses so it is not much difficult to buy dress for a baby girl as compared to baby boy.

However, for baby boys, it is sometimes difficult for parents what to select for their little angel. Selection of clothing for boys is difficult than baby girls. But you don’t have to be worry. Here is a dress guide for baby boys from the birth to six months. This guide will help you to dress your baby boy in the best and cutest way.

The fact is that baby grows really fast, so don’t buy too much clothes which can be of no use later. Baby clothes are trendier than ever and are as irresistible to parents as bath in cold water in hot day. Use size chart to know the perfect size for your baby boy.

Baby boys clothing sizes are usually based upon age that is preemie, 0to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. Be sure to know correct age of your baby’s height in inches. Choose right size for your baby boy according to his age.

For baby boys, I must suggest you to go with tees and shorts. Bubbles and rompers also work best for baby boys in all seasons. Make sure to choose bright and colorful dresses for your kids. Don’t be stereotype when dressing your baby boy. You can go with all colors that may be pink, orange and yellow, blue, green. Don’t think that pink color is associated to baby girls only.

Cap is must for baby boys in summer while going out. In winters, cap is as essential in home as in outside to save your baby boy from cold. Beware of tiny buttons, hooks, snaps, pom-poms and appliqués. They can be choking hazards for your little baby boy.

Comfort and convenience should be your first priority as a parent while choosing anything for your baby boy. Footwear is not necessary on summer. You can wear them a pair of socks and shoes in winters which will keep them from cold. Look for elasticized baby socks or booties that cling to feet so that your baby boy cannot kick them off.

Always look for flexible shoes which are harder to take off. While go to buy shoes for baby boy try to bend the shoe in half, if it is bends easily it is ideal pair of shoes for your baby boy. Before you put socks or booties on your baby, turn them inside out to look for small threads that can capture toes.

It may be a difficult task for you to buy appropriate clothes for your baby boys if you have no idea what is exactly made for your baby boy. But you don’t to have to worry about.

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